Case Study

OKR as a strategic management framework

23. May 2021

As part of their transformation strategy, an established financial services provider was looking to increase visibility into performance and operational agility. scaleon established an Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) goal-setting system for more than 200 people across all areas of the business.

The client was a leading European financial services provider, with products including credit scoring, debt collection and accounting services. The company had identified the need to increase transparency, speed and alignment with regard to strategy execution. The management board had identified the advantages of the agile Objectives and Key Results (OKR)” framework and wanted to roll it out across their organization.


We reviewed the client’s strategic and operational challenges and discussed the organizational set-up in depth with the CEO and management team. We developed multiple potential OKR roll-out scenarios and considered the pros and cons with the management board. Ultimately, we decided in favor of a comprehensive roll-out across all core teams, including all key members of the management team. More than 70 colleagues started using OKRs in the first cycle.

We always place emphasis on the core of the OKR methodology, i.e. defining precise, simple and measurable objectives. This is often harder than it sounds, and we conducted multiple training sessions, Q&As and one-to-one coaching where needed.

To ensure the methodology was effectively phased in by the organization, we trained multiple OKR masters. We recommended a dedicated software tool, and we accompanied the evaluation and purchasing process in line with the client’s specific requirements.



Today, more than 200 employees actively use OKRs across all functional teams and levels of the hierarchy. All levels of management work with OKRs and are continuously increasing usage within their teams.

Over time, the OKR system was fine-tuned and tailored to teams’ specific requirements.

OKRs have now become an integral part of the company’s DNA.



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