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Quarterly Business Review bei Elia Group


Elia Group has initiated a major digital transformation initiative which also comprised a revision of their Digital Portfolio Management framework. The organization has been starting its transition towards a product-oriented operating model and aiming to foster a cultural shift towards a more digital mindset.

The scaleon team around Stefan has become a real and trusted partner for our transformation ambitions with the roll-out of the QBR, OKR and as facilitator in challenging situations. They have been acting as a bridge between operationalizing strategy and providing the support to make change happen

— Florie Brisbois, Head of Digital Transformation Office at Elia Group


We were involved to work alongside the Head of Digital Transformation. Over a period of more than 12 months, our consultants were deeply embedded within the transformation office. Our approach involved conceptualizing a Quarterly Business Review (QBR) and adjacent concepts to translate the product clusters’ strategy into well-defined reference priorities. We also tailored the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) methodology to serve as the primary alignment framework across various value-chain segments and products. Our team worked hands-on with product teams to adopt the QBR approach and define their OKRs.


The QBR/OKR framework was developed and iterated over multiple cycles and products. We also worked on key interfaces to integrate with other corporate processes, such as non-product digital portfolio management, strategy, and budgeting. By involving management and other stakeholders throughout the process, we aimed to increase transparency and buy-in for the new approach. In addition, our efforts led to the training and enablement of teams and OKR masters with the objective to ensuring the organization’s continued success in executing their strategic objectives.





Introduction of OKR in the Innovation Area at Covestro
After defining the strategy, scaleon implemented a comprehensive OKR approach to transparently define goals and align them across the entire function. Over a period of 18 months, scaleon guided the company for the genuine integration of OKRs into the management culture of the department.
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Cases| OKR| Strategy
Quarterly Business Review bei Elia Group
Im Rahmen der umfangreichen Transformation bei Elia, Aufbau von QBR als strategisches Steuerungsinstrument und Begleitung des Roll-outs über die Produktcluster. Scaleon arbeitete hier sowohl konzeptionell am Design des Systems als auch hands-on bei der Unterstützung der Teams in der Anwendung.