If you don't know where
you are going, any road will
take you there.

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We conduct due diligence analysis of market, operational model and business plans for venture capital investors and financial sponsors. We perform an in-depth review of the key drivers in core and potential future markets. We develop detailed, quantified market models, run various scenarios, and assess the significance of trends on a macro and micro level. The investment target is comprehensively benchmarked against key competitors.
As a result of our focus on growth, we place special emphasis on the scaling model. In cooperation with the investors, we identify the scaling approach and analyze current positioning, business strengths and weaknesses, including the KPI track record in comparison to the scaling model.

We assess the commercial position of the company against the key assumptions of the business and financial models. The result is a detailed assessment of the validity of the growth case versus market trends and potential future areas.

We partner with a vast network of experts for deep-dive analysis of products, engineering and technology.

Our aim is to be a partner beyond the transaction phase – to help investors and management unlock value and achieve the targeted growth trajectory.

Digital transformation is high on the agenda of nearly every management board of mid-size and large organizations. The digital age is changing our behaviors, processes and business models. New technologies are constantly emerging, simultaneously representing both a threat and an opportunity.

Through our own first-hand experience as executives and founders in the digital space, we have a deep understanding of digital business models.

In close cooperation with our clients, we map the potential of technologies and trends, assess the impact on the business’s core value chain and identify new business models.

Typical value drivers that should always be considered:

  • New digital business models that enable new types of revenue streams
  • Re-defined go-to-market approaches: Activation of new customer segments and new customer engagement models
  • Cost reduction through digitalization and increased process efficiency
  • New ways of collaboration and organizing

We systematically assess the current state of digitalization across the organization. This includes analyzing strategy and core processes, identifying short- and long-term potential and developing a clear roadmap to unlock value.

Strategy is nothing without execution

A well-formulated strategy is worthless if not implemented and communicated correctly. The purpose of strategy is to create a reference framework for everyone at the company in order to set priorities, make investment decisions and align activities. This is even more important in a VUCA world where many decisions cannot – and should not – be made top-down. On the contrary, fast, agile decision-making is a prerequisite to success.

Strategy needs to be put in action. We are convinced that precise and easily-understood goals are key to creating a reference framework for any organization. Strategy is a product and needs to be marketed internally. Otherwise it will be difficult to set things in motion.

In addition to strategic goals, we believe in the power of OKR and KPI systems. They need to be well-defined and rolled out effectively to ensure achievement of strategic goals.

The right set of KPIs tracks progress with regard to the strategy, and the business and scaling model. This is not about dashboards with 100s of statistics and metrics. It is about identifying the right set of strategic KPIs that should be regularly reviewed by top management teams. Strategic goals should typically be designed to significantly improve one of the core metrics.

A system of objectives and key results is a proven way of translating business strategy into measurable goals. While strategy and KPIs provide the reference framework, OKRs are the tool that drives execution, focus, transparency and organizational alignment.

This often ignites powerful cultural change. OKRs can overcome siloed thinking and promote teamwork. For management teams, OKRs create an opportunity to regularly communicate and adjust strategic goals. People who define OKRs periodically reflect on strategic goals and how their work should contribute to their achievement.

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.”

In today’s fast-changing business environments, defining a robust, resilient business strategy is more important than ever. We understand your volatile market environment and implement highly flexible yet effective growth strategies.

We have an end-to-end perspective on strategy. We start with your vision and mission, determine corresponding action fields, and define crisp and clear strategic goals. Execution is based on consistent metrics that ensure you achieve your goals.

We do not work with a set of standard strategy frameworks although we value smart thinking and structured problem-solving. We have a clear focus on digital, growth markets.

We believe that the outcomes of a well-defined strategy development process should be:

Market view: A clear understanding of the market opportunities, drivers and challenges. We start with strong hypotheses, defined with the client’s senior management team. We seek to develop a comprehensive, quantitative view of current and potential target markets, including near- and long-term growth opportunities.

Strengths and weaknesses: Every business is different. It has specific assets, knowledge and skill sets. The definition of an effective growth plan requires an understanding of both strengths and weaknesses.

Vision and purpose: A clear direction of travel is essential. A project plan alone is not sufficient to align an organization around a common goal and to motivate its people. One of the first steps towards a sound strategy is to identify a North Star that holds true even when circumstances and conditions change.

Scaling model: We are all about growth. We place strong emphasis on identifying the essence of the scaling engine as the reference point for strategy. A clear understanding of this essence will lead to the right processes, organization and KPIs for business management.

We create highly customized solutions at the most professional standards.

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