For discerning decision-makers who truly want to propel their organizations forward.

We blend strategic consulting excellence with an entrepreneurial mindset, solution-oriented approaches, and personality. Throughout, we keep the goal in focus. We combine conceptual strength with creativity and enjoyment to deliver tangible results that propel businesses forward.

Who We Are

We founded Scaleon out of our passion for working in fast, dynamic, and challenging business fields. We are drawn to tackling complex strategic problems alongside our clients, creating individual solutions at the highest level.

What Sets Us Apart

We don't believe in standard solutions for individual challenges. Our approach is strategic, energetic, and entrepreneurial.

We collaborate with key decision-makers in an organization to understand specific challenges.

We believe that good strategy should be measurable and objectifiable. Our view of strategy encompasses vision & culture, strategic goals, and key performance indicators. We understand that even the most sophisticated business case in Excel is not enough as a strategy, but that it is crucial to translate it into easy-to-understand, measurable strategic goals and detailed initiatives to activate an organization.

Why scaleon

We offer a unique combination of experiences as founders of digital companies, C-level executives, and in top-tier management consulting. We blend analytical and conceptual strength with years of experience leading large teams and organizations. We have a distinctly entrepreneurial mindset, having scaled digital models from the ground up globally in Germany & Europe, America, and APAC.

We are values-driven, working for real impact in the organization and society. We find joy in our work.



Managing Partner, Founder

Philipp is passionate for strategy execution. He was Groupon’s CFO for Central Europe and scaled the technology company to over 1,300 employees. In 2011, the company was listed on NASDAQ. His experience with the organizational challenges of an ambitious growth strategy led to his PhD and various publications on strategy execution in highly dynamic growth and change management situations. He lectures on these topics at the Technical University of Munich and UnternehmerTUM. Prior to scaleon, Philipp worked for companies in various industries, mostly with a focus on technology. He was a consultant at Stern Stewart & Co. and holds degrees in Economics, Management and Philosophy from the London School of Economics and the University of St. Gallen. Philipp is an expert in organizational culture, business model innovation, scaling strategies, organizational design and reorganizations, OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) as well as strategic KPI systems and performance management. Philipp is a huge tennis fan, a passionate runner and mountaineer, and above all a family man.


Managing Partner, Founder

Stefan has founded and scaled multiple digital companies. Before Scaleon, Stefan was the COO of the global ad-tech company Applift, with 10+ offices on three continents and 250+ employees. He was the CEO and co-founder of the mobile marketing firm Appiris and the CFO of Madvertise. Stefan spent several years at the top management consulting firm Solon. He holds degrees in Business and Public Policy from the Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL), the London School of Economics (LSE), and the Hertie School of Governance. Stefan is an expert in digital media and advertising, strategy and organizational development, OKRs, and digital business building.
Stefan loves books about the future, is always interested in new thought models, appreciates good food, and practices yoga.

Our Values

We are values-driven.

Deliver the wow

We love to exceed our partners' expectations – with ideas, insights, and impact. The most beautiful compliment from a customer for us is a "Wow, I am impressed."

Build true relationships

We work for and with people. Organizations are not faceless entities to us. We always aim for long-term partnerships. Many of our clients have been with us for years. In the team, we look out for each other and have each other's backs.

Positively Disagree

We challenge ourselves; every opinion counts, and we listen. Our work often involves grappling with finding the right solution for our clients. We carry this dialogue both internally and externally. Always with backbone, always fact-oriented, always constructive.

Think Results

We focus on the best outcome and how we can make a valuable contribution to our clients. We take responsibility. We are not satisfied if project contents are not implemented or are not sustainable.

Inspire People

We invest in ourselves – constant and constructive feedback is a given, but not routine. We learn from each other, and we seek inspiration from the outside. We continuously evolve, taking the time it needs.

Enjoy the ride

Life is too short not to have fun. We enjoy laughing together and don't take ourselves too seriously. We create a relaxed working atmosphere internally and externally.