Work where true growth takes center stage.

We believe that sustainable growth is essential: for the success of our clients, for the cohesion of our society, and for us as the Scaleon team. That’s why we advocate for a work environment that fosters individual development and contributes to meaningful, purposeful work.

Responsible Work

We tackle the most complex strategic challenges of our clients. Our projects have a significant impact on the organization and success of our clients. To achieve this impact, we work hard, professionally, and passionately on the best possible solutions.

Individual Development

Employees receive space and support for professional and personal growth to shape their own path of development. This includes regular mentoring, tailored coaching opportunities, and a budget for further education.


In everything we do, we always give our best. However, the foundation for this also lies in a healthy balance and (mental) fitness. To maintain the highest professional level, we value time with family and friends, mindfulness, sports, and leisure.

Quotes from our staff

Meet the Team

Who We're Looking For and Your Development at scaleon.

We have a flat hierarchy. You can join us with various levels of experience.

We are looking for working students, interns, recent graduates, and experienced professionals, whether in consulting or other fields.

We seek individuals who share our values and want to make an impact on companies. We are looking for bright minds, creative ideas, and openness to new things.

We offer a fast-paced environment, exciting strategic topics around growth, and the opportunity to make an impact with our partners from day one and influence entire companies.

We regularly assess your development and goals together, finding the best way to achieve them.

How we work

We create tailored solutions at the highest professional level.


Progress and learning are most evident in growth. The focus of our work is on growth – growth strategy and growth management. We are always striving to evolve and understand new ideas, concepts, methods, and technologies. Everyone on the team has the space for individual learning and self-development. Our founders are experienced entrepreneurs and executives with a digital background, and this is reflected in our approach.

On Par

We work on par with top management, both in rapidly scaling technology companies and established businesses and medium-sized enterprises facing the adventure of real strategy scaling.

Genuine Partners

Real partnerships need to grow and be able to grow. We only work with partners with whom we can build a long-term and trusting relationship. Sympathy and trust form the basis of every collaboration for us.


We are entrepreneurs, and we are 100% results-oriented. We don’t just build PowerPoint presentations; we develop tools and deliver clear results. Our approach to project execution is honest, lean, action-oriented, and persistent.

Moving Businesses

We tackle the most complex strategic challenges of our clients. Our solutions have a significant impact on our clients’ organizations. Our projects move businesses. In this responsibility and for this impact, we work hard and passionately.


Working at Scaleon:

We live our values.

Deliver the wow

We love to exceed our partners' expectations—with ideas, insights, and impact. The most beautiful compliment from a customer for us is a "Wow, I am impressed."

Build true relationships

We work for and with people. Organizations are not faceless entities to us. We always aim for long-term partnerships. Many of our clients have been with us for years. In the team, we look out for each other and have each other's backs.

Positively disagree

We challenge ourselves; every opinion counts, and we listen. Our work often involves grappling with finding the right solution for our clients. We carry this dialogue both internally and externally. Always with backbone, always fact-oriented, always constructive.

Think results

We focus on the best outcome and how we can make a valuable contribution to our clients. We take responsibility. We are not satisfied if project contents are not implemented or are not sustainable.

Inspire people

We invest in ourselves—constant and constructive feedback is a given, but not routine. We learn from each other, and we seek inspiration from the outside. We continuously evolve, taking the time it needs.

Enjoy the ride

Life is too short not to have fun. We enjoy laughing together and don't take ourselves too seriously. We create a relaxed working atmosphere internally and externally.

Job Openings

We are looking for characters. Discover your passion. And get to know us.