Introduction of OKR in the Innovation Area at Covestro

After defining the strategy, scaleon implemented a comprehensive OKR approach to transparently define goals and align them across the entire function. Over a period of 18 months, scaleon guided the company for the genuine integration of OKRs into the management culture of the department.

Quarterly Business Review bei Elia Group

Im Rahmen der umfangreichen Transformation bei Elia, Aufbau von QBR als strategisches Steuerungsinstrument und Begleitung des Roll-outs über die Produktcluster. Scaleon arbeitete hier sowohl konzeptionell am Design des Systems als auch hands-on bei der Unterstützung der Teams in der Anwendung.

Growth Strategy for a SaaS Company

A rapidly scaling SaaS company sought assistance in developing its long-term growth strategy. The scaleon team conducted a comprehensive co-creation process with the client’s team to define a clear growth roadmap and a quantified business case.

Strategy Development at SCHUNCK Group

With over a century of experience in providing comprehensive insurance solutions for the logistics industry, the SCHUNCK Group is now on the verge of significant digital and cultural innovation. These innovations and business models are central drivers for the upcoming growth.

Commercial Due Diligence for a Tech Investment

A growth fund sought to assess opportunities and risks before investing in a real estate technology company. Scaleon conducted a due diligence study during which all aspects of the company were examined, including market opportunities, the business model, and the scaling strategy.