OKR Einführung im Innovationsbereich von Covestro

After defining the strategy, Covestro’s Group Innovation unit was looking for a powerful approach to translate strategy into action with increased transparency and collaboration


Covestro’s central innovation function had completed the drafting of their strategy. The next step was to implement OKRs, incorporating a new team goal-setting tool to translate the strategy measurably into action, increase transparency across the newly formed unit, and improve collaboration between the departments and teams

scaleon served as our trusted mountain guide during the rollout of our OKR framework for strategy execution. They expertly led us to the summit, providing a strategic perspective, hands-on guidance, and the assurance that they possessed in-depth knowledge of the process. Our collaboration with scaleon was never a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, it was highly customized to our specific needs, skillfully balancing conceptual strength with pragmatic execution

— Jens Joschek, Head of GIE, (Global Innovation Excellence) Covestro


Approach: We worked hand-in-glove with a team of internal innovation managers and a scaleon team. We closely aligned on a weekly basis with the senior leadership of the unit. In addition we partnered with Software company Mooncamp to orchestrate the roll-out including tool-support from Day 1

OKR Concept: We developed an OKR system for the innovation unit to drive focused execution of the strategy of the unit. We developed recommendations to adjust the strategy layer to maximize impact of the OKR framework

Enablement: We enabled teams to define goals and work within the OKR system, empowering OKR masters to lead their respective teams.

Roll-Out: We collaboratively defined high-quality OKRs with OKR owners based on functional and departmental strategy and facilitated alignment workshops for teams and departments.

Scale: We reorganized the OKR community towards a self-organized Community, refined the training and onboarding process, and established a quality assurance process.


Our efforts led to the successful enablement of teams across four countries, including the US and APAC, to work with OKRs. We built and implemented a tailored OKR concept for strategic innovation and created supporting materials to guide the process. Additionally, we facilitated organizational feedback through surveys and established an OKR community and circles to ensure a seamless handover from our team to the client’s internal employees


OKR Einführung im Innovationsbereich von Covestro
Nach Definition der Strategie, schaffte scaleon einen ganzheitlichen OKR Ansatz, um Ziele transparent zu definieren und über die gesamte Funktion abzustimmen. scaleon begleitete das Unternehmen über einen Zeitraum von 18 Monaten für eine echte Verankerung von OKRs in der Steuerungskultur des Bereichs
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