Case Study

Transaction Support

23. May 2021

We conduct due diligence analysis of market, operational model and business plans for venture capital investors and financial sponsors. We perform an in-depth review of the key drivers in core and potential future markets. We develop detailed, quantified market models, run various scenarios, and assess the significance of trends on a macro and micro level. The investment target is comprehensively benchmarked against key competitors.
As a result of our focus on growth, we place special emphasis on the scaling model. In cooperation with the investors, we identify the scaling approach and analyze current positioning, business strengths and weaknesses, including the KPI track record in comparison to the scaling model.

We assess the commercial position of the company against the key assumptions of the business and financial models. The result is a detailed assessment of the validity of the growth case versus market trends and potential future areas.

We partner with a vast network of experts for deep-dive analysis of products, engineering and technology.

Our aim is to be a partner beyond the transaction phase – to help investors and management unlock value and achieve the targeted growth trajectory.

We create highly customized solutions at the most professional standards.

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